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Consultation CDC Centre-Sud is an online consultation platform managed by Cocoriko. It allows citizens to express their views on various issues related to the municipality and, thus, to take part in the development of a City in their image.

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My Centre-Sud suggestion box, an initiative of the CDC Centre-Sud

Through its concerted action, support and mobilization, the Centre-Sud CDC aims to develop a more inclusive and united Centre-Sud. To do this, the Centre-Sud CDC has a dual mandate: to bring together community organizations in the neighborhood and to coordinate the Centre-Sud Social Development Table.

Your wishes to contribute to the development of the neighborhood

At this end of 2020, which has been - and continues to be - very demanding, the CDC Centre-Sud wishes to hear your wishes, your ideas, your proposals, your support and your kind words for the Centre- Sud, for several reasons:

  • All your wishes or your vote support will feed the work of the CDC Centre-Sud, the community organizations and the other partners who contribute to the social development of the neighborhood.
  • This is a very concrete and easy way to share what's important to you! So you too are a player who contributes to social development!
  • In these times when we need to take care of everyone, but from a distance, what better way than to continue to dream together our Centre-Sud? Isn't the love of our neighborhood a great asset to see our wishes come true?

The wishes expressed and their vote of popularity do not mean they will come true in whole or in part. In life, some wishes come true and others not, we should to be aware of it! But one thing is certain, these wishes will not be forgotten. It is up to us to make them known and find a way to make them live.

The rules of the game

There are several ways to participate:

  • By supporting a wish / wish (vote).
  • By proposing a wish / wish (proposal).
  • By writing something (comment).

You can do either one, the other, or all three! How much you want to contribute is up to you.

Until when? Wishes are serious! You can participate in this initiative from November 27th until December 31st (midnight!).

And after? At the beginning of 2021, the CDC Centre-Sud will present the wishes you have made for the neighborhood ­čśŐ.